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Asbestos Watch Launceston is home for professional contractors specialised in handling asbestos removal, testing, roof removal and management plan in Launceston, Australia. Our experts can deliver exceptional services at competitive prices. They hold A-Class certification and are licensed to deal with the variety of works, from residential to commercial level.

Let’s check an example of an asbestos problem.

4 Things You Need to Know Before Renovating a Garage

Renovating a garage is a challenging process. Why? Because there are certain rules you must follow before doing the actual job. You must follow the rules set by not only the local council but also by the National governmental body. This is especially when your garage is full of asbestos containing materials (ACMs).

asbestos watch Launceston - asbestos problems

The Steps: Asbestos Problem and Its Solution

1. Get Permission

If you think that renovating a garage is a simple thing to do, brace yourself! It turns out that it can be more overwhelming than you think. Renovating a garage is categorised as a minor renovation work. But, if it involves a garage demolition work, then it is considered as a major renovation project. Thus, you must get permission from the local council before executing the jobs. Specifically, as mentioned above, if your garage contains fibrous products.

The formal approval from a local council is needed to conduct a major renovation work. The application is made based on the scope of the jobs such as:

  • Demolition Application
  • Development Application
  • Complying Development Certificate

Always remember that you can’t simply do the jobs yourself. At this scale, a DIY attempt on handling the harmful products is illegal. You have to follow the right procedure to protect your safety. Therefore, the only way to do it is by getting a professional assessor, who specialised in asbestos removal and testing projects, to handle it.

2. Check ACMs Existence in your Garage

Is your garage built before the 1980’s? Then, there is a high chance that you have fibrous products there. Now, start searching carefully! You can find ACM products, such as fencing, roofing, or cladding products, inside your shed. Don’t touch them, just simply look at them and call professional contractors to perform sampling and testing processes there.

It is hard to ensure which products in your house contain fibres or not. This is because fibres can’t be seen by the naked eyes. That’s why you need to give the jobs to the professionals. Remember, it is dangerous to perform the jobs using DIY kits. You better avoid the criminal charges and fines from carelessly handling the fibrous products. So, get yourself a professional assessor!

3. Asbestos Removal and Testing Works

After you’re finished with the inspection process, you may proceed to the next step, which is testing the harmful samples. Experts will safely take samples needed from your garage and get them tested via a laboratory with NATA certification. Then, they will deliver a report informing about the existence of fibres in your property.

A control plan will be designed before performing any fibre extraction job. It helps our members to deliver the work safely. Again, keep in mind to trust the works to licensed removalists. Asbestos removal and testing works are dangerous. A lot of preparation is needed to conduct the job safely. Starting from providing proper protective gears to disposing of the hazardous waste. This is why it’s better to leave the trouble to the experts!

The Tasmanian government –

4. The disposal of Harmful Waste

You need permission from the local council to transport a large-scale waste. The waste also needs to be delivered by a special vehicle, after you safely wrapped it in containers or sealed bags. Last but not least, you can’t simply dump them in your regular garbage bin.

So, now do you think asbestos is too much to be handled? That’s why you need professional removalists at the first place! Professional contractors have a proper license to handle such jobs. Thus, you don’t have to worry about these complicated procedures!

So, what are you waiting for? Start getting your 3 free quotes through us now!

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Leave your worry to our members! They are always putting your safety first to avoid the worst. All services will be conducted according to applicable guidelines and regulations. So, don’t put your life at risk! Raise your awareness on fibre threats and check your property immediately with our experts!

So, What Can We Help You Today?

Our experts are eager to bring you the best solutions for your ACM problems. They are eager to deliver you quality services that meet your expectations.

They are capable of delivering exceptional quality services to you, such as:

  1. Asbestos removal – Taking care of any kinds of friable and non-friable products within your building.
  2. Asbestos testing – Checking, testing and sampling all ACM products by a licensed assessor.
  3. Asbestos roof removal – Complete inspection, removal and replacement of old or broken roofing materials.
  4. Asbestos Management plan – Developing a control plan to reduce the risks from fibres.
  5. Air monitoring – Thorough air monitoring procedures on every step of the removal process.
  6. Demolition Survey – Giving detail information about fibres within your building before a demolition project.
  7. Soil remediation – Taking out contaminated soil from your property, efficiently and effectively
  8. Consultant – Independent reviews
  9. Emergency repair – Your first option in an emergency situation to remove all ACM products, including roofing, fencing, and flooring products.

Leave your worry behind; we are here to help you out! Get as much as references to know the situation you’re facing; Get your 3 free quotes now!

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

It depends on what kind of asbestos is present in your house. The undisturbed asbestos (non-friable asbestos) is most likely to pose minimum risks to our health. But it is better to still take safety precautions as if the material will be damaged through time, especially roofing materials.

Friable asbestos products are generally quite loose and, when dry, can be easily crumbled into dust with light pressure. As a general rule, if the material can be easily disturbed and become airborne, it is categorized as friable asbestos.

Many cases of short-term exposure to asbestos have no long-term health effect. But we recommend you to contact your GP in case you are exposed to asbestos daily.

Asbestos waste must be placed in suitable packaging and sealed to prevent any fibers being released. The waste should be double wrapped and properly labeled. Intact asbestos cement sheets and textured coatings should not be broken up into smaller pieces.

Yes, we recommend you to do a risk assessment before doing any asbestos work to prevent the exposure to airborne fibers. This procedure can only be conducted by a professional hygienist and contractors.

You should take precautions if you need to cut, drill, or nail an asbestos product. It is better for you to be safely equipped with masks and hair covers. Contact Asbestos Watch Launceston to safely handle ACM in your building.

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